Sell Your Home and Keep More of the Purchase Price

Six percent? That’s a hefty commission. You used to have two choices: up the listing price to cover your costs, or take a bit of a loss. Both are tough to swallow in today’s market. Now there’s a better choice: WaLaw Realty! We’re your agent AND your attorney. For a low flat fee, we’ll help you sell your home and advise you on the legalities.

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Buy a Home and Get Money Back: You Save the 3% Buyer's Agent Commission

Today's real estate buyers are more sophisticated and more involved than ever before. Work with WaLaw Realty and you’ll get the tools and services - like home tours - you need to take control of your purchase experience. Plus, you get trusted legal advice that traditional agents can’t offer. The best part? We earn a flat fee and rebate the commission to you, so you save money..

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You Want a Lawyer On Your Side When You Buy or Sell a Home

WaLaw works hand-in-hand with our law firm Holmes Law Group. When you hire WaLaw, you work with us both as real estate agents and as attorneys – that’s our two-in-one magic! As attorneys we provide complete legal representation that you can count on, because your interests are protected above everything else. Protect yourself, use a lawyer to buy or sell your home.

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Save Money by Using WaLaw Instead of a Traditional Real Estate Agent

The Web has transformed the way people buy and sell real estate. Today there aren’t many secrets to buying or selling a house. Most people just need an experienced hand in negotiating and closing the deal, and they shouldn’t have to pay a full commission. We work for a flat fee that is less – sometimes WAY less – than what you would pay a typical agent. Use WaLaw Realty and save a lot of money.

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The Washington Lawyer's Realty Buyer's Agent Commission Rebate - You save big!

See how our Buyer's Agent Commission Rebate compares to traditional real estate agent commissions and fees: significant savings for buyers. Read More »

What our customers say:

"Marc and Claire were great to work with. We appreciate the care and attention we got from you throughout the process. We'll certainly be recommending you to others."
Mike & Evadna, Duval, WA
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