The Future of the Seattle Housing Market: As Gray and Dreary as a Late March Day

March 30th, 2011 by Marc

I’d love to think otherwise — indeed my business benefits from market activity, just like the business of every other real estate broker.  But my wishes are irrelevant — its the data that tells the story.  And right now, that story is looking like a real tear-jerker.  (more…)

Seattle Housing Market Bottom? Not Here Yet…

February 14th, 2011 by Marc

When the “paper of record” says so, it must be true: “Seattle is down about 31 percent from its mid-2007 peak and . . . still has as much as 10 percent to fall.” The article also calls out the Seattle Times for its rank boosterism– er, I mean inaccurate news reporting, back in September of 2006. And rightfully so (the true beauty of the internet — the public record is exceptionally accessible): According to the Seattle Times in 2006 based on its own analysis, “If history is any indication, King County may escape [the housing bust].” Local economists Matthew Gardner (Matt, was that really the best head shot you had on hand?) and Dirk Conway chimed in as well in favor of the “no declines here!” position. Ah, 2006, when there was no shortage of optimism…. (more…)