WaLaw + Redfin = $18,470 in Home Buyer Savings for Consumers

August 13th, 2012 by Marc

What savings look like

We’re pretty big fans of Redfin here at WaLaw.  They’re helping to change the way the real estate industry operates, for the better.  One of their big advantages is, like WaLaw, a fee lower than what is charged by a typical agent.  So when a Redfin seller sells to a WaLaw buyer, everyone saves a lot of money.  How much money?
On this transaction, total consumer savings (what our client saved, plus what the Redfin client saved) is $18,450.  (more…)

A Cheerful Closing and Nice Rebate for Duval, WA, Home Buyers

June 13th, 2012 by Claire

Duval, WA, Home Buyers Save $5,341 with the WaLaw Buyer's Agent Commission Rebate
One of our recent WaLaw buyers just closed on their home in Duvall, and saved $5,341! After a considerable home search, they found a special home that accommodated 100% of their wish list, and more! We just love it when things work out. Congratulations and enjoy!

The Economist view on traditional agents: “the realtor rip-off”

June 13th, 2012 by Claire

Why IS it so expensive to buy or sell a house in America?  We agree, people of The Economist.

If you’re in a particularly feisty mood, take a scroll through some of the comments…

MLS Listings: WaLaw is selling houses!

March 25th, 2010 by Marc

WaLaw gits 'er done!

Here’s one of our recent listing success stories. This seller saved more than six grand ($6,000!) on the listing agent fee. The house sold in less than two months. The system works!

On a related note, I authored an interesting post on Rain City Guide about this picture. Specifically, what does the “Sold by…” sign indicate? I soft sell my point in the post, but here I’ll give my full two cents: It tells other brokers and agents that the buyer’s agent (Mr. Houston) will work cooperatively to get a deal closed.

This must be the purpose of the “Sold by” sign. It simply cannot be designed to promote Mr. Houston as a competent buyer’s agent, because most buyers don’t understand the role played by Mr. Houston based on these signs. The only people who completely understand the message are other brokers and agents. Therefore they must be the audience, and this is the only message to that audience that makes sense.

In the not-too-distant future, WaLaw should have its own “Sold by” sign — except it won’t say, “Sold by.” Rather, it will say something like “Buyer assisted by” or “Buyer’s interests protected by” (obviously we need to refine the message) because that is what WaLaw does. When representing a buyer, we don’t “sell” anything.