Real Estate Sellers: How it works to work with us.

Here’s a quick rundown on working with WaLaw Realty to sell your home.

  1. Check us out.  Peruse our website to learn more about us and our flat fee service.
  2. Call us. Give us a shout to ask questions and we’ll help you decide whether we’re a good fit (our “free consultation”).
  3. Retain Us. If we’re a good fit, we’ll send you our paperwork to formally retain us as your broker and attorney.  We collect a small portion of our low flat fee upfront and the rest at closing.
  4. Get ready! We’ll meet you at the property and advise you on getting your house ready to list.  When it’s ready, we’ll send a photographer to take high definition photos of the home. We also provide legal advice to help you complete your disclosures like the Form 17 Seller Disclosure Statement, lead paint disclosure, etc.
  5. List on MLS. We publish your listing in the MLS and on consumer websites like Zillow and Trulia so your listing appears everywhere buyers are looking.   You will need to offer a commission to incentivize buyers’ agents to show the home.*
  6. Signage. We install a professional 4×4 yard arm “for sale” sign with flyer box and fill it with full color flyers.
  7. Open House. We host a public open house that first weekend or a broker’s open during the week — your choice — and we’ll host more at our hourly rate.
  8. Showing. We provide an MLS keybox so that brokers and their buyers can access the property for showings.  If a buyer without a broker wants a tour, you can provide it or you can have us handle it at our hourly rate.
  9. Inquiries and offer. We field calls from agents, review all offers, and make sure the contract protects your interests.
  10. Contingencies.  Once we’re under contract, we monitor the buyer’s contingencies and make sure deadlines are met.
  11. Sell and Save! When your home closes the rest of our low flat fee is due and will be paid through escrow.  Best of all, you will have saved a bundle on commissions!

*  Typically, 2.5% or 3% of the sales price.

Still have questions?  Check our FAQ or just give us a call — we’re always happy to chat!