Real Estate Sellers: How it works to work with us.

We divvy up the work and you get to keep more money!

  1. Call us. Give us a shout and we’ll help you decide whether we’re a good fit (our “free consultation”).
  2. Hire us. When you hire us as your broker and attorney, we collect a small portion of our fee upfront.
  3. Get ready! We advise you on preparing your house for sale and send a photographer to take high definition photos of the home. We also provide legal and marketing advice to help you prepare your listing and seller disclosure form.
  4. List on MLS. We post your listing on the MLS and many consumer sites so your listing appears everywhere buyers are looking online.  There is no time limit, so we’ll list it until it sells. You’re also free to pull your listing and re-list it again later.
  5. Signage. We install a professional “for sale” sign and prepare a flyer. We even provide an electronic version of the flyer so you can print more copies if needed.
  6. Open House. We host a broker’s open house or a public one — your choice — and we’ll host more at our hourly rate.
  7. Showing. Other brokers will be able to access your property using the MLS keybox or contact you directly to arrange a viewing.  If the buyers are not using an agent, they call you to arrange a tour.
  8. Inquiries and offer. We manage inquiries, review all offers, and make sure the contract is appropriate for your situation and protects your interests.
  9. Sell and Save! When you sell your home, the rest of the fee is due* and you’ve saved a bundle on commissions!

Still have questions?  Check our FAQ or just give us a call — we’re always happy to chat!

* If your transaction has not closed within 6 months, the balance of our fees are due at that time.  We will, of course, continue to list your home and provide you with our services until it sells – there is no time limit.