See how selling a home with WaLaw Realty compares to selling a home with other real estate brokers:

Service Traditional Brokers* Discount Brokers** MLS listing services*** WaLaw Realty
Agent visit prior to listing on the MLS Yes Yes No Yes
Comparative Market Analysis Yes Yes No Yes
Listing in NWMLS Yes Yes Yes Yes
NWMLS-approved keybox Yes Yes Extra $95 Yes
Online marketing & Syndication Maybe Yes Yes Yes
Professional Photography Maybe Yes No Yes
Professionally installed yard sign Yes Yes Yes Yes
Color Flyer (or pdf.) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flyer Box Yes Yes Yes Yes
Home tour feedback Maybe Yes No Yes
Open Houses (Public and/or Broker opens) Yes Yes No Yes
Drafting offers (standard forms) Yes Yes No Yes
Draft Offers (custom language for specific needs) No No No Yes
Closing Document Review No No No Yes
Title Review No No No Yes
Expert Legal Advice No No No Yes
Can represent both buyer and seller (conflicts of interest permitted) Yes Yes N/A (no representation) Never
Fee on a $500,000 home (not including commission paid to the buyer’s agent which is typically 3% or $15,000) $15,000 $7,500 $595 MLS listing only, no representation $4,995

* Such as Windermere, John L. Scott, etc.

** Such as Redfin, Findwell, etc.

*** Like and other flat-fee, basic listing services