Don’t pay 6% to list your home. WaLaw’s Flat Fee can save you Thousands.

WaLaw Realty helps people sell homes at lower cost than traditional, commission-based real estate agents.  Additionally, you get a real estate attorney advising you throughout the sale.  Compare that with the traditional model where the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent split a 6% commission paid by the seller, 3% each.

WaLaw Realty charges a low flat fee to list your home instead of the 3% listing commission and provides you all of the essential services you need.  You will still offer a commission for the buyer’s agent, typically 2 to 3%, but you will save thousands on the listing side. Below are some recent real examples of how much our seller clients have saved on listing commissions:

See our Fees page for comparisons between our rates and traditional real estate agent fees and commissions for home buyers and sellers.

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