Buy or Sell for a Reasonable Flat Fee Instead of a 3% Listing Commission

At WaLaw Realty, we charge a flat fee of $7,995 for sellers and $8,995 for buyers.  This flat fee covers our real estate broker AND attorney legal services.  Some transactions incur additional fees which are listed below.

For sellers, there is no up front fee and the entire balance is paid at closing if and when your house successfully closes.  If it doesn’t close, you don’t pay.  Sellers will still offer a commission to incentivize buyers’ agents to show and sell the house.  This commission is typically 2.5% or 3% but is ultimately set by the seller.  If the buyer does not use an agent, then the seller gets to keep the buy-side commission (we never represent both sides so that commission never comes to us).

For buyers, $500 is paid up front when you hire us and the balance only comes due if and when you successfully close on the purchase of a home.  At closing, you will receive a rebate of the commission we receive from the seller less the balance of our flat fee.  For buyer’s using financing, the rebate is first applied to pay some or all your closing costs and prepaids.  If there’s money left over it usually gets taken off of the sales price (we’d love to give cash back to the buyer after closing but most lender’s won’t allow it).

Example savings for HOME BUYERS

Transaction value Commission at 3% WaLaw’s Fee Buyer Rebate
$400,000 $12,000 $8,995 $3,005
$600,000 $18,000 $8,995 $9,005
$800,000 $24,000 $8,995 $15,005
$1,000,000 $30,000 $11,995 $18,005
$1,500,000 $45,000 $11,995 $33,005

Example savings for HOME SELLERS

Transaction value Typical 3% Listing Commission WaLaw’s Fee Seller Savings
$300,000 $9,000 $7,995 $1,005
$500,000 $15,000 $7,995 $7,005
$800,000 $24,000 $7,995 $16,005
$1,000,000 $30,000 $10,995 $19,005
$1,500,000 $45,000 $10,995 $34,005

Additional fees and services for Buyers and Sellers

  • Homes listed at or above $1,000,000:                                                                  $3,000
  • Each $1,000,000 increment thereafter:                                                                $3,000
  • Most clients never need additional tours or broker services beyond our standard services but for those that do, we charge for them at our hourly broker rate:                                      $75/hour

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQ or just give us a call — we’re always happy to chat!