Why is the flat fee different for Buyers and Sellers?

Our fee for sellers is $7,995 and for buyers it is $8,995.  The buyer’s fee is higher because the current market is favorable to sellers and that means buyers, on average, require more time and energy to successfully purchase a home than a seller to sell a home.

Some buyers wait to engage us until they have found the home they want thus they expect their deal to be super easy.  We love it when that happens but experience  has shown us that our buyer clients end up buying a different home than the one they started with more often than not.  Sometimes they decide the house is priced too high when they see the comps or the house fails inspection.  Other times there is competition for the home and another buyer outbids them.   Accordingly, our fee has to contemplate this sort of probability.

Buyers also have to pay $500 of our fee up front while sellers don’t.  This is due in part to the seller’s market we’re in but mostly to encourage only serious buyers to hire us.  Our flat fee is too low to give free tours to everybody and anybody who wants one and an up front fee allows us to focus on qualified and motivated buyers.

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