Is WaLaw for everyone?

For Sellers in a hot market like we have now, we pretty much are.  However, if you are a potential buyer wanting to look at houses but not ready to pull the trigger in the near future, then maybe not.  With us you have to come out of pocket up front and that’s not a great idea when there are plenty of agents who give home tours for free.

Also, buyers who are just getting started and don’t really know where they want to live or what sort of home they want to live in might be better served by a more traditional agent who can spend a lot of time helping them figure that out.  Our model is aimed more towards buyers who have made progress narrowing down the types of property they want and the general area. Our buyers take charge of the online search and when they’ve identified one or more homes with potential, we provide tours to see them in person. When they find a winner, we handle everything else from there.

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