How is WaLaw able to offer such a low fee?

Ahh, the secret sauce you ask? It’s actually quite simple. We only work with highly motivated buyers and sellers who are willing to put skin in the game. Traditional agents work with anybody and waste an inordinate amount of time with clients who never result in a closed transaction. That means the small percentage of clients who actually close subsidize all the rest.

Not so for us. WaLaw buyer clients pay $500 up front so you know they’re not messing around. It also means they expect a high level of professional service which we’ve been providing since 2009. The balance of our flat fee is not due until the deal successfully closes.

We also focus on efficiency and offering the essential services buyers and sellers need and not the trivial stuff they don’t (remember refrigerator magnets and classified ads?). We don’t waste time doing home tours for every Tom, Dick, and Harry which means our staff can handle far more deals than the industry average. By giving everyone the same great and efficient service, we are able to keep costs low and our fees reasonable.

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