Curt, Bothell (Buyer) – the full (and unsolicited) testimonial:

You have been great to work with and more than fulfilled every expectation I had when I decided to go with WaLaw.  I know it’s been a hard road, and I appreciate your work.  I think I might be your oldest continually active client, given that I signed up with you in May 2010, if I recall correctly.  Despite the length and difficulty of these transactions, you have been always been right there with good work, good advice, great negotiation skills, and, above all, availability and quick response.  As you know, I haven’t worked with conventional RE agents in a long time and did not have a high opinion of them when I had.

In my opinion, your service alone was far superior to a conventional, “full service” RE agent and your services would be worth the full commission, let alone at discount.  Further, the fact that you represented only me in my transactions, with no conflict of interest, provided me peace of mind that at every step you were representing my interests, and you certainly did.  While there are many lawyer jokes, I have to say that I’ve been lucky to have worked with good, skilled, and dedicated attorneys such as yourselves.

[December 21, 2011]