Real Estate Buyers: How It Works to Work with Us.

Working with WaLaw Realty is easier and more efficient than working with a conventional real estate broker.

  1. Call us. Give us a shout to talk about whether we’re a good fit (our “free consultation”).
  2. Hire us. When you hire us as your broker and attorney, we collect a small portion of our fee upfront and the rest is paid at closing.
  3. Shop for homes online. It’s easy to narrow down by neighborhood, size, price and more.
  4. Call or Email us for home tours. Once we’ve been retained, we’ll meet you at the house and give you our unvarnished opinion on it, not a cheesy sales job. It’s important to use us and not the listing agent or some other agent for the tour so that we’ve got a clear right to the commission and can rebate it to you.  Besides, the flat fee includes 30 hours of tours!
  5. Make an offer. We’ll research comparable sales, give advice on pricing, then draft and negotiate your offer.
  6. Wrap up the details. Once we’re under contract we’ll help with inspections, appraisals,  title review, inspection repairs and credits, and more.
  7. Closing. We rebate 100% of the commission to you (less the balance of our flat fee).
  8. Move in. Use the money you saved to make the house your home sweet home.

Still have questions?  Check our FAQ or just give us a call — we’re always happy to chat!