See How WaLaw Realty Compares to Buying with Other Real Estate Brokers:

Service Traditional 6% Brokers* Discount Brokers** WaLaw Realty
Home Tours Yes Yes Yes
Comparative Market Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Drafting Offers (standard forms) Yes Yes Yes
Draft Offers (custom language for specific needs) No No Yes
Expert Legal Advice throughout the transaction No No Yes
Title Review No No Yes
Closing Document Review No No Yes
Assistance with FSBOs No No Yes
Cash Rebate at Closing (Ex: $700,000 home) $0 $4,059** $12,005
Pressure to Buy a Home ? ? NEVER

* Such as Windermere, John L. Scott, etc.

** Such as Redfin (As of 2/20/2017, Redfin’s rebate on a $800,000 deal with a 3% commission was $4,059).