Buy a Home With a Flat Fee Agent and Save Thousands of Dollars

Seattle WA Home Buyers Save Thousands with WaLaw Realty

The world of real estate has changed but real estate agents haven’t.  Use WaLaw instead of a commission-based real estate agent. We’re both agents and attorneys, and our flat fee business model saves you thousands of dollars. You get the essential services of an agent plus legal counsel from a licensed attorney – and you save money in the process!

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How much money? If you’re buying a $700,000 house, you’ll save $12,005. Instead of working for a commission, we charge a low flat rate, and we rebate the commission to you at closing. And, because we’re both lawyers and agents, you get the expertise of a lawyer along with services that only an agent can provide, like access to homes for sale.

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Serving the Next Generation of Home Buyers

Our clients are savvy home buyers. They’re involved in their search and know what they want. They don’t need an agent to look on the Internet for new listings. There are plenty of online tools they can use for that. They don’t need an agent to drive them all over town every weekend. And, they certainly don’t want to pay a full commission just to close the deal.

Our clients also appreciate the value of hiring a lawyer. As lawyers, we go the extra mile to make sure you understand the process and are fully protected. Got a question about the contract? We can answer it. Worried about title? We can review it. Buying a home is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. It makes sense to have solid legal representation.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Your role is to search online for houses that interest you.  Once you do, we’ll get you in to see the house and take care of all the rest.  We include all the services you need in our flat fee including:

  • Home tours – the first 30 hours of home tours are included, with as many more as you want at $75 per hour;
  • Super-responsive, practical service (See our Testimonials);
  • Expert opinion of value (we provide a Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA, before you make an offer);
  • Contract drafting and expert negotiating on your behalf;
  • Drafting offers, counteroffers, notices, and other transactional correspondence;
  • Comprehensive legal advice and counsel that traditional real estate agents cannot legally provide – and aren’t qualified to offer;
  • Detailed contract review from a lawyer’s perspective, while watching out for your best interest;
  • Attendance at the inspection and appraisal;
  • Review of title, again with a lawyer’s eye;
  • Review of closing documents; and
  • Cash back at closing – the “WaLaw rebate” – the full commission minus the balance of our flat fee.

Questions? Check out our FAQ. Or simply call us at 206-357-4224 or email us today to see if we’re the right fit for you.