Testimonials from Our Clients: Home Buyers and Home Sellers in Seattle and Surrounding Areas

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I want to say thank you for all the help with purchasing this house! I got the keys already. My family are so excited today.

Magnolia – Gustavo, 3/19/2018 (Seller)

I’ve used 4 different real estate agents in the past and while the experiences were not bad, I also never felt they were great.  Things like deciding what price to offer or what price to accept felt more about closing quickly than getting the best for me.  I used WaLaw Realty for the first time to close on my condo.  Every step of the way, Marc and Claire offered me choices, explained what they meant, and let me choose.

You don’t realize how pushy agents are to quickly close a deal until you have an agent who’s clearly (and legally!) representing your best interests.  As I sold my condo using WaLaw Realty, I never felt that closing the deal was more important than getting the best price and terms.  As I hunt for a new home, I’m thrilled to have WaLaw Realty representing me.

Snohomish – Marco & Nardine, 11/30/2017 (Buyer)

Unlike the majority of realtors who got their license by passing a simple test after studying for two days, WaLaw agents are actual attorneys, they’re very detailed and thorough. Kim pointed out things in our purchase agreement that we would not have realized or understood, thanks to the extra long 60+ pages of legalese enforced by the builder. With WaLaw you get legal representation and you save thousands of dollars compared to vanilla realtors.  Highly recommended.

Bridle Trails / Burien – Jeff & Diane, 11/16/2017 (Seller & Buyer)

We’ve now bought, and are in the process of selling, homes with Claire. She did exactly what we needed, the way we needed it, at the right time. Her pricing analysis for the house we’re selling led us to set the price in a way that resulting in an astounding number of offers and a selling price well in excess of the asking price. Oh, and we saved money working with Claire and WALaw.

Issaquah – Colin, 10/4/2017 (Seller)

Marc is an awesome agent. Responsive, detail oriented and a great strategist. Plus, when you hire him, you’re also hiring an attorney. Which means attorney-client privilege protected by a much more thorough set of laws than those protecting the clients of ordinary real estate agents. That creates more accountability to you, the client. Oh, and his flat fee saved me nearly $10k…

Madrona – Sarah & Rob, 8/1/2017 (Buyer)

We appreciate you all supporting us through the long haul. There is no question for us – out of all the homes we tried for, we ended up with the perfect house for us. We truly appreciate all the patience and guidance you provided to get us there.

Maple Leaf – Nicole & Arash, 6/20/2017 (Seller)

Thank you Marc for guiding us through this process and making it painless.  You guys did a great job and we will definitely be recommending you to friends and co-workers in the future.

Lake Sammamish – Chris, 6/6/2017 (Seller)

You guys did a really great job, thank you very much! Marc, your experience and advice was 10X that of an typical agent. Thanks for helping me with my first home sale:)

Queen Anne – Alex & Amy, 5/26/17 (Buyer)

We have been with WaLaw Realty since 2010 and have been involved in three transactions (two purchase and one sale), all of which have been seamless. Marc’s expertise enabled us to have piece of mind throughout and saved us significant amounts of money in the end.

Browns Point – Nancy & Harry, 1/23/17 (Seller)

We successfully completed the process of selling our home, which is (thankfully) not something we do every day.  At the very top of our list of things we did right is hiring Marc and Claire at WaLaw.  They made the chaos understandable; guided us over rough terrain; kept an eye out for us in places we wouldn’t have known to look; and consistently met our questions with patience and know-how.  We’ve joined the choir of those who sing their praises.  They earned it!

Magnolia – Glenn & Susan, 11/9/16 (Seller)

The consultation for and sale of our former house was expertly handled by WALaw Realty. We had used them a few years ago as well to buy our current house. Then as now, excellent and timely advice. The sale and closing went smoothly and quickly with zero issues. They are attorneys, not typical RE only brokers/agents that waste your time with irrelevant marketing chatter or details. No comparison to traditional RE brokers/agents (obvious large ones in Seattle area) that I used years ago that make you wonder who they are working for.

Capitol Hill – Bryan, 10/18/16 (Seller)

I knew a year ago that I would use WALaw to list and sell my Capitol Hill townhome.  They sold my neighbor’s home in a matter of days for a LOT more than the asking price and they provided every service (for a flat fee) that a typical broker provides for 3%.  I had an almost identical experience selling my house this September.  They got me $20k over my asking price AND save me $15k in commissions.  I would absolutely use WALaw again!

Capitol Hill – Kumuda, 8/13/16 (Seller, Multi-family property)

Marc & Claire, you two were fantastic to work with and I am very happy with my WaLaw experience and service!

Enetai – Chrissie, 8/8/16 (Buyer)

All other agents that I worked with can’t compare with your service. They either push us to place an order as soon as possible or not willing to write a counter offer and pressure us to take an offer. We were really disappointed when we bought the first house. I am so glad this time I found WALAW. I will recommend WALAW to all the friends that need to buy a house. […] Thank you very much! This will never work out without your help.

Magnolia – Thomas & Marnie, 7/8/16 (Seller)

We chose WaLaw Realty to list our home because their unique business model made so much sense to us. From start to finish, Kim was the ultimate professional.  She knows the Seattle market.  She gave us terrific advice throughout the entire process. Everything went just as planned, and Kim was a very strong advocate on our behalf.  The sale closed on time, without a hitch. It was very reassuring to have Kim represent us as our real estate agent and as our attorney.  She skillfully guided us through a somewhat atypical review of offers that resulted in our getting the very best results in the sale.  It became very clear that day that having an attorney as our agent made all the difference.  Later, there were several instances in which her review of documents resulted in important corrections being made prior to our signing.  We have bought and sold many homes over the years, and we have never had this level of professionalism and acumen with regard to real estate transactions.  We honestly believe that we could not have been served better.  The most amazing part of this entire process is that we saved almost $21,000 in commission!  We tried to get Kim to work with us on the purchase of a home on Bainbridge Island, but she declined because she didn’t have enough experience with that unique market.  We wholeheartedly recommend WaLaw realty!

Bellevue – Eric, 7/7/16 (Seller)

Marc absolutely crushed it, best decision I’ve made.

Queen Anne – Brian & Lisa, 5/31/16 (Buyer)

I’d highly recommend WaLaw to people buying and selling in the Seattle area. Kim and her team took great care of us during our recent Queen Anne purchase, providing sound advice and counsel. On several occasions she advised against going ahead with an offer which showed she was committed to us as opposed to only committed to making a sale.

Wallingford – Heather, Ray & Charlotte, 5/26/16 (Seller)

As you both may know, my husband and I have many years of mortgage experience and we know it’s hard to come by folks as top caliber as yourselves in the industry.  I was delighted at the service provided by WaLaw Realty.  They are a very professional firm who truly had our best interest in mind.  Marc & Claire must be the most patient people on earth because I’m pretty sure we asked every single question in the book!

Wallingford – Ken & M, 5/9/16 (Seller)

We live in Olympia, and we worked with Marc to sell a house in Seattle in March 2016. He was knowledgeable, experienced, and very easy to work with, and he kept us informed at every stage of the process. He also went out of his way to make things work when the buyer had questions about the house, spending an evening in the basement searching for a missing document. We have bought and sold several houses over the years, and working with Marc at WaLaw was by far the best experience we have had.  And we saved $27,675!

Ballard – Peter, 5/5/16 (Seller)

I am very pleased with the services provided by Marc and Claire at WaLaw.  Marc made brilliant decisions every step of the way. Anytime I had a question or concern, Marc replied promptly via email.  His legal expertise and advice alleviated any worries. And the cost was not enough, in my opinion, for the time and effort Marc and Claire put into the entire process.

Thank you, WaLaw, for a job well done!

Bothell – Justin & Linda, 1/3/16 (Buyer)

We had an extremely long and complex transaction for our short sale. Nevertheless, a year and a half later, everything worked out and we thank the team at WALaw Realty for their assistance and tenacity.  We would definitely refer to them our friends and family.

Bothell – Austin & Resmy, 10/22/15 (Buyer)

Based on a friends recommendation, we engaged WaLaw Realty for our home purchase, and it turned out to be the best real estate decision we made! Being novices in the real estate market, we really benefited from Marc and Kim’s real estate acumen in deciding on the right house and the right offer amount. Kim worked with us on the house we ended up buying and she really made the whole process very smooth for us and ensured we closed on time! The icing on the cake was the hefty rebate we got from WaLaw Realty which helped cover all the closing costs and on top of that we were able to reduce the purchase price of the house.  I would love to work with them again!

Lake Forest Park – Gabrielle, 9/3/15 (Seller)

Great working with you too. Appreciated all the advice and assistance. From previous experiences, I know these transactions don’t always run smoothly — much could have gone wrong, and didn’t. My sense is this was due not only to preparation and luck, but in large part to you. Agent/broker and atty components — a great & valuable pairing. Will be sure to share my great experience with others. And next time I’m “in the market” I’ll definitely give you a call.

Capitol Hill – David, 8/26/15 (Seller)

Marc and his team were just amazing to work with they made everything turnkey and effortless for me. I don’t know how I would have done it being out of town and not being able to fly back and forth to Seattle during the process. Besides being great to work with they also got me more for my house than I ever dreamed I would get. I’ve already recommended them to several people and would definitely use them again.

Burien – Jeff, 7/27/15 (Seller)

I’m reaching out to thank you for your help in selling my house in Burien last month. Since January this year my life got pretty intense with the house remodel, sale of the property, the move and new job. You made the sale easy and drama free, which I greatly appreciated and needed. I felt very comfortable with you handling the details of the transaction. Your services were top notch, I couldn’t be more impressed! I am so glad that I decided to go with your team and have already told a handful of my friends about your company. I will keep referring you because you provide a far better service than traditional real estate companies.

Issaquah – Logan, 7/19/15 (Buyer)

Marc and his team did an *outstanding* job in helping me purchase a house in what is currently a very competitive market, to say the least. Marc’s communication skills, intuition, negotiation skills proved most helpful in winning the bidding war that ensued while making an offer on the house I wanted. He is *very* thorough, and I can’t stress this enough. He blew me away on multiple occasions with his responses to my questions, in immense clarity and detail. Congruently Kim and Claire provided their insight during the showings and inspection process, able to react swiftly enough to accommodate my hectic and unusual schedule. This is definitely the kind of team you want to have on your side. Though they are not conventional real estate agents, they did provide me the best home buying experience I’ve had to date, and proved to be more than knowledgeable in answering all my questions. Certainly the most responsible team I had the pleasure of working with during the closing process. Thanks again, guys.

Matthews Beach – Tom & Ikuko, 5/14/15 (Seller)

We decided to list our house with Marc at WaLaw after having less than satisfying experiences with a couple of local real estate agents, both of whom were recommended on-line. This was the fourth property we had bought and sold so we felt we could get by with just the ‘essential services’ provided by WaLaw as outlined on their website. As it turned out we didn’t notice a drop-off in services compared to working with a traditional RE agent. In fact the service provided was more professional and we felt better represented than in past transactions. It’s so comforting to have a real estate lawyer who is also a licensed and knowledgeable real estate broker on your side every step of the way. What more could you ask for? A discount? You get that too! We walked away with an extra 12K in our pockets on top of selling our house for 30K over list price. We would use WaLaw again and recommend.

Bothell – Brad & Anette, 4/5/15 (Buyer)

Kim from Walaw was a fierce advocate of our interests, from initial viewings to final closure. We’d love to work with WaLaw again.

Redmond – Mike, 4/1/15 (Buyer)

I very much appreciated the work everyone at WaLaw Realty did for me, and I will gladly recommend you guys to anyone I know looking for a house (and have already begun to do so). Thanks again for everything!

Kirkland – Mike & Kiki, 3/9/15 (Buyers & Sellers)

Our experience with WaLaw realty was fantastic. My wife and I stumbled upon WaLaw in our search for a realty service that just made more sense with our approach to home buying. Skeptical at first, reading the abundance of testimonials from past clients convinced us to give WaLaw a shot. Marc, Kim, and Claire were all incredibly helpful, and the overall quality of service was above and beyond what we expected. Not only did WaLaw save us over $25,000 on the purchase of our new home, we also used their service to sell our current home and saved an additional $20,000. All the while, given WaLaw’s structure, we were also provided with a level of legal guidance and contract reviews that we’re confident no typical real estate agency could come close to. Thank you for everything, WaLaw!

Queen Anne – John & Elizabeth, 2/9/15 (Buyers & Sellers)

We bought and sold our house in Queen Anne through WALAW.  That saved us over $18,000 when we sold our house!  Marc and his team are real estate attorneys who charge clients a flat rate for their work instead of the 3% commission real estate agents charge.  And because Marc and his team are experienced real estate attorneys, we thought they provided us with better and smarter service than s regular real estate agent ever could.  We don’t understand why anyone would want to sell a home through a real estate broker, pay a lot more, and be represented by someone who has less experience and expertise.  We highly recommend WALAW and Marc Holmes.

Maple Leaf – Charles & Laura, 2/8/15 (Buyers & Sellers)

We worked with Mark buying a house in 2011 and selling our rental house in 2014. In 2011, Mark actually talked us out of buying a house we initially fell in love with, which, in hindsight, was for the best. We saved enough money on the purchase with WALAW’s flat fee that we were able to get new appliances and flooring throughout with the money we saved. In addition, he was able to read between the lines of the local covenants for the same flat fee. In 2014 he helped us sell our rental house, which sold for well above the asking price. His quick and discerning review of the paperwork allowed the deal to go through without a hitch. Also, we saved about $18,000 on the sale with their flat fee. In summary, WALAW killed it on both our purchase and sale. After the two transactions with WALAW, I will never again engage a traditional brokerage firm.



“Jason and Marc went above and beyond our expectations and provided us with expert guidance while selling our home.  Jason’s assistance of being at our home while a stucco inspection was taking place, says volumes about the service WaLaw provides.  Not once during the selling process did we have any second thoughts on our decision to have WaLaw list our home.   As it turned out we had complications with our first buyer, but with the legal advise and the direction provided by both Jason and Marc, we moved on to a happy ending with a second buyer.  We feel that we received as much or more than a traditional Realtor would have provided and we saved a whole bunch of money in the process.  We couldn’t be happier!” – Lakemont, Paul & Lisa, 9/30/14 (Sellers)

“We were very impressed with all the service we received from WaLaw and particularly Caitlin Finley; she assisted and guided us thru; staging the house, establishing the correct list price, setting up a photo session with a great photographer – who really highlighted the best parts of our house and most importantly assisted in negotiating a final sell price 8% higher that we listed. Caitlin worked well into the evening hours on a Tuesday night securing the best deal for us.We will be in the market for a new home in the next 12 months or so and will most likely use WaLaw again. It’s a great value for the investment. We totally endorse WaLaw.” – Lake Sammamish, Victor & Katie, 9/4/14 (Sellers)

“My wife and I used WaLaw realty to purchase our new house and to sell my old house. Jason Campbell and the rest of WaLaw provided fantastic service during the purchase of our new home and, since he is also a real estate attorney, he provided expert guidance about strategy and in crafting contracts that gave us competitive advantage while protecting us from making potentially costly mistakes. After our offer was accepted Jason managed all the hurdles that presented themselves during the inspection, appraisal, financing, and closing processes. It can be a real pain and Jason bore the brunt of it, communicating daily and driving all of it to the end. We saved over $10,000 by hiring WaLaw to be our agent and we sacrificed nothing when compared to using a traditional realtor (how many realtor’s to you know that are also real estate attorneys!?).

I then turned around and had Jason help me sell my old house. Again, Jason provided everything you would expect of a realtor; He ran comps to help set the price, he recommended a stager to make it look beautiful, WaLaw provided a fantastic photographer to make the home look amazing on the Internet and in print. Jason managed the open house and in less than a week it was under contract. He did this for a flat fee that saved me over $9,000 dollars versus using a traditional real estate agent. In fact, I felt he did more for me than real estate agents have done for me in the past, for a fraction of the cost. All this and a total savings of over $19,000 dollars! I can’t recommend Jason and WaLaw Realty enough.” – Renton, Al & Robin, 8/15/14 (Buyer & Sellers)

“Marc was very patient with me (as a “recovering lawyer” I probably over-reviewed all the documents regarding their services) and took the time to answer all of my questions. He introduced us to Caitlin Finley, who would be handling the sale of our home. Caitlin was fantastic from start to finish. She was very personable yet professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and guided us through the entire process. Our townhome was unique, and it was difficult to find comparable properties in order to arrive at a suggested listing price. Caitlin did a super job in researching the Seattle market and analyzing all the information, but I have to admit that when she told us what she thought we should list our home for we thought she was delusional (I mean that in the most positive way). It was almost $70,000 above what we had originally paid for it. We were afraid we had agreed to a listing price so high that we wouldn’t get any offers. We needn’t have worried. Thanks to Caitlin’s hard work, expert advice, excellent negotiating skills, and tenacity, in about five days we had seven pre-inspections and six offers (three were all cash offers)! We accepted an offer that was $44,500 ABOVE our listing price. Additionally, we saved $11,000 in commission (which my wife says will now be earmarked for trips to Hawaii). When it’s time for us to purchase another home we will definitely use Marc, Caitlin and the rest of the WaLaw team!” – Phinney Ridge, Craig & Chona, 7/21/14 (Sellers)

“A co-worker told me about WaLaw Realty when I mentioned that we were planning to sell our house. My husband and I had decided to sell our house FSBO prior to attending one of Marc’s Home Buying/Selling seminars.  I appreciated Marc’s straight-forward, no B.S. approach. After the seminar we felt that WaLaw would be the perfect fit for us, we would save on commission and get legal representation all in one. What more can you ask for? We ended up working with Caitlin and she was wonderful. She kept us informed at every step and fielded more phone calls from buyers agents than we could have ever imagined. WaLaw helped to make the selling process as smooth and pleasant as possible.  We will definitely use them again for our future buying and selling needs.” – Bryant, Jennifer & Steve, 6/19/14 (Sellers)

Loved working with Marc and Claire to find a house in Ballard, a challenging task. They were respectful of our time and mindful of the importance of prompt action in this competitive market. Marc was very analytical with assisting us with decisions about offer prices. He took care of all the contract details as we were wrapping up the contract and communicated effectively with us by email well into the evening we made our offer. I would recommend WALAW to any serious buyer who is willing to search the internet for properties on their own. This is not a service for looky-lou’s who are frivolously looking at houses because there is a serious financial commitment whether you buy or not. But the savings in the end is significant.” – Ballard, Ross & Dinah, 4/16/14 (Buyers)

“Thank you very much for everything. As I told Marc, I am very happy to have had you as my agents and lawyers. And if somebody asks me personally, you will be the first ones I will think about, the same way I did when I came back to you for selling the house.” – Green Lake, Oscar, 4/6/14 (Seller)

“We enthusiastically recommend WaLaw.  WaLaw provided more value that traditional realtors at a much more affordable cost.  We appreciated Marc’s analytical perspective and lawyer’s knowledge at every step of the home purchasing process.” – Arboretum, Lauren & Matt, 3/25/14 (Buyers)

“I have sold previous homes myself, with only the assistance of an attorney to handle the paperwork. It’s really hard work. Those were the days when a seller had to go either all FSBO or all real estate agent. WALaw is WAY better than either option. Mark handles most of the selling functions that a regular agent would perform, like negotiating with prospective buyers and holding an open house. And he handles all the legal paperwork, of course. So it’s the very best of both worlds. Moreover, WALaw projects a level of professionalism that really gave us confidence and peace of mind. We recommend WALaw without reservation.” – Ballard, Becky & Nathan, 3/8/14 (Sellers)

“Marc, Claire and Jason have defined their selling process which takes care of all the worries we had. Selling a home is an intense experience with ups and downs but with Jason’s quiet and confident support we were happy about the result.  He has excellent communication skills which were evident in his negotiations and especially his emails, uncommon these days. The team at WA Law always made us feel we were their only clients, listening and supporting us with information that we could use to take action, not just platitudes. We interviewed realtors and were not impressed by their professionalism just to get a listing.  With WA Law you get more than you pay for.” – Phinney Ridge, Henry & Kathy, 12/3/14 (Sellers)

“We will heartily recommend WaLaw. Marc was absolutely the best.– Queen Anne, Bill & Jane, 11/21/13 (Buyers and Sellers)

We loved that aspect of using WA Law but actually what we got from hiring them was much more.  As attorneys, they were able to review the documents legally (instead of hiring an attorney to do just that), but even more than that we really felt that they were our attorneys who represented us in good faith and had our interests in mind first and foremost.  The bottom line is that Marc and Jason at WA Law are amazing, ethical, and trustworthy attorney-realtors who I can unreservedly recommend to anyone looking for a house.  We love our house and thank both of them for helping us find and get it.” – Denny Blaine, Phillip & Elaine, 11/20/13 (Buyers)

“My wife and I worked with Marc and his associate Claire to purchase a new home.  I definitely recommend these guys without reservation — in fact, we hope to use Marc again someday!” – Sammamish, Chris & Patricia, 11/20/13 (Buyers)

I cannot sing Marc’s praises high enough.  We literally would not have our home if it weren’t for him.  Initially we went with Marc for the savings on commission fees, but over time we realized that his services are far superior than any real estate agent.  Since Marc is first and foremost a real estate attorney what you will find is that your legal interests are far better protected with him than anyone else.  He has so much experience with old oil tanks, property easements, sewer line problems, contract subtleties, it’s incredible.  There are so many pitfalls in home buying and it can be very hard to assess risk on a give home.  Marc will bring to your attention all of the possible risks and he will write up very aggressive offers that will help you win multiple offer situations.  We also noticed that when we went to open houses and mentioned who our agent was, that other agents around town really liked him and commented that he was easy to work with and submits very clean offers that are easy for sellers to take.  This can come down to your offer winning if the seller’s agent prefers to work with Marc.  We will definitely use him again!” – Tangletown, Kima & Carsten, 10/4/13 (Buyers)

“We recently purchased a house, with the help of Jason and Marc. Buying a house, like many things in life, doesn’t always go according to plan and we were fortunate to have Jason and Marc guide and counsel us through the process. What we appreciate most is that they were always transparent and clear and they advocated for us through each step. In addition, the rebate allowed us to stretch a little further to get the house we really wanted. Great service and real savings makes WaLaw Realty so compelling – why would you go anywhere else to buy your next house!” – Antony and Donna, Issaquah 10/2/13 (Buyers)

“As I’ve told many people asking about our buying/closing experience, everything was managed smoothly, the rebate simply amazing and much appreciated, excellent service/timely advice along our search, plus now we know where to go for great RE legal counsel.”  – Glenn & Susan, Seattle 9/15/13 (Buyers)

“Working with WaLaw was like a breath of fresh air. They were very knowledgeable with regard to real estate law, gave excellent advise and negotiated every detail of the transaction flawlessly. I plan to utilize their services on all real estate transactions I have in the future. I highly recommend WaLaw for two reasons: 1) You will get superior advice (far exceeding any agent I have worked with) 2) You will save thousands of dollars! What’s not to like about that!!!” – Jeremiah, Bellevue 7/31/13 (Buyer AND Seller)

“The team at WaLaw Realty was great. They were very knowledgeable, professional, always willing to answer questions and did it all for a reasonable flat fee. We would both like to thank you, Jason and Claire for helping to make the sale of the house so painless. I would recommend WaLaw Realty to anyone ready to sell their home.” – Linda, Seattle 7/23/13 (Seller)

“We were extremely happy and satisfied working with Walaw. Both Marc & Claire are very professional, efficient and provided us with a highest level of service. We would never consider using any other real estate service after this experience.  Thanks again for helping us find our new home Walaw!” – Sue & Mark, Seattle 7/1/13 (Buyer)

“”My wife and I had used traditional agents before–once to buy a house, and once to sell that same house. We just couldn’t see the value, especially on the buying end. If you are prepared to browse MLS listings on your own (like we did anyway with our traditional buyers agent), you can save a boatload of money going with a flat-fee agent like Walaw. They charge about $5,000, which includes attorney fees. Their fees are significantly lower than Redfin, so we went with them. Though we were paying less with Walaw, they were better in every way than our previous buyers’ agent: they were more experienced, more honest, and smarter. I’ve been recommending Walaw (and more generally, the flat-fee model) to everyone I know. It’s a no-brainer. We ended up saving $17,125 with Walaw when compared to a traditional agent. I just can’t see how home buyers are leaving that kind of money on the table. Go with Walaw!” – Ben & Rahda, Bellevue 6/22/13 (Buyers)

“Thank you, Marc! Closing was so quick and easy. In fact, this whole process has gone as smoothly as possible. We really enjoyed working with you and will recommend you to everyone we know. You and your team are awesome!” – Frank & Jilla, Bellevue 6/18/13 (Sellers)

“Just as their catch phrase says… I feel savvy :) We were referred to Marc and the crew by a friend and can confirm that they are true to what they advertise. It was a pleasure to work with a company that had no other interest in the deal than helping us close! We are very happy with the high-level of service and advice we received and can’t imagine using anyone else to buy or sell in the future. Special thanks to Marc and Claire.” – Susan & Mark, Seattle 7/1/13 (Buyers)

“We were nervous about using WA Law for the sale of our Magnolia home, but Marc and company exceeded our expectations.  My mother is a veteran broker of forty years and even she admitted that WALaw was the right choice.” – Jennifer & Leonard, Seattle 6/11/13 (Sellers)

“We felt like righteous pioneers working with WaLaw to buy our first house – the commission model for real-estate sales doesn’t make sense to us, especially considering how much information is available online. We found the firm’s pricing more than fair and at every step we received timely, responsive, thorough service from Marc and Claire. At a few tense points we were especially grateful for Marc’s lawerly guidance. Getting the great service we did, the protection of working with an attorney rather than a real-estate agent, and a nice big pile of money at closing made us feel like we had beaten the system.  This is a combination that should appeal to everyone looking to buy or sell a house, and we are avidly spreading the word, letting people know they have that option with WaLaw. (Many of them say, “Wow, I wish I’d known about them when I bought.”)” – Ann, Seattle – 6/4/2013 (Buyer)

It has been a pleasure doing business with you guys.  I have been spreading the word about WaLaw ever since we met and am sure that your model is the future of the real estate business.  Thank you for standing up to those other real estate bullies and giving the market a saner choice.”  – Steve, Seattle – 6/4/2013 (Buyer)

“We feel extremely blessed and are thankful for your help. I’ve already recommended you to several people. Laura and I feel you are head and shoulders above every other agent we’ve worked with. It’s been a reel pleasure working with you and I’m sure we will be in touch on other transactions.” –  Laura, Bellevue – 5/22/13 (Buyer AND Seller)

“We had a wonderful experience working with Marc at WaLaw buying our home in Brier. If you’re comfortable using the internet to find houses to look at, WaLaw is the way to go. On the paperwork side, WaLaw is absolutely ideal, because they are lawyers too! They aren’t just pushing papers around that somebody else wrote – they can make changes on your behalf, and they can explain things to you as a lawyer. Marc and Claire were great from start to finish. I would highly recommend them to anybody. Plus, you save money – even more than you would save by using Redfin! – J.R. & Jen, Brier – 5/10/13 (Buyers)

“We were extremely satisfied with the level of service and professionalism provided by Marc and Claire. WaLaw Realty was with us every step of the way as we sold our house and we always knew where we were during the entire process. There were many times that we thought, “I am sure glad we have Marc and Claire on our team!”  We would highly recommend Marc and Claire to friends and family and can’t wait to partner with WaLaw Realty on the purchase of our next home.”   –  Antony & Donna, Issaquah – 5/1/13 (Sellers)

“We’re glad that our house has been sold, and it feels like a relief. We appreciate your help and the valuable skills you brought to this transaction.” Ying & Dan, Woodinville – 3/29/13 (Sellers) 

‘We are big fans of WaLaw and will keep spreading the word to our networks. I can’t believe how much money you guys saved us… amazing!” Brian & Virginia, Seattle – 2/5/13 (Buyers)

“We want to thank Craig and Claire for making the purchase of our building lot so easy. The $7,000 we saved will go a long way when we build our dream home. The special contingencies Craig added to our purchase offer that were unique to our situation and his review of the title and escrow documents made us glad that we had a real estate attorney working for us. We also liked the fact that we could electronically sign all of the documents (other than closing), at our convenience, from the comfort of our home. Thanks again!” Chris & Vicki, Edmonds – 1/23/13 (Buyers)

“We wanted to say what a pleasure it has been working with WaLaw. We never understood the traditional model for buyer’s agents — we didn’t need advice on what home to buy, just someone who understood the process and could help up get a fair price and be on our side in the negotiating process. What a find, then, to discover WaLaw. Combining your fixed-rate with the provision not just of agency but of counsel was exactly what we were looking for. How pleased we were to find that you more than carried through on your end, not to mention the refund we got through you enabled us to pay off our mortgage insurance up front! I’d say we are looking forward to working with you again in the future, but right now we are planning to enjoy our house for a good long while, so instead we wish you the best of luck with the business.”  Ben & Laura, Seattle – 1/14/13 (Buyers)

“My husband and I were expecting our first child throughout our home search and were so glad to finally close on our first home just a month before our due date. Working with the WaLaw team really suited us – we used the web to research listings in our desired neighborhoods and Craig, Marc, or Claire would take us on tours. Once we were in contract to buy, we realized just how important it was that our real estate agents were also lawyers. They interpreted complex contracts and explained clearly the areas of concern.  And finally, paying a flat fee really saved us a lot of money. This was even more important to us with a baby on the way! Our experience with the WaLaw family was great and we always recommend them to our friends.” Priya & Ian, Bellevue – 12/2/12 (Buyers) Shown above on the porch of their new home. 

“We’re thrilled to have worked with WaLaw to buy our new home in Capitol Hill. The team at WaLaw has exceeded all our expectations providing us with not only over $20,000 in commission savings but also expert advice while we were searching for houses, negotiating and closing the purchase. Without reservation we’ve already recommended WaLaw to several who are ‘in the market’ today. Many thanks WaLaw, and Claire and Marc specifically for removing stress, saving us money and providing world-class service.”  Ivo & Krista, Seattle – 12/7/12 (Buyers)

“Marc was an exceptional negotiator and mediator throughout the entire process of purchasing our property. We felt extremely fortunate to have his legal expertise for navigating the last minute twists and turns during our fairly complicated closing — that simply put, would have confounded your average agent. We never doubted that Marc had our best interests in mind and our resulting purchase speaks for itself. Thanks Marc!” Michael & Natalya, Seattle – 11/30/12 (Buyers)

We LOVED our experience with you and will recommend you unreservedly to all our friends. Thank you for everything, with EXTREME appreciation” Jim & Kim, Seattle – 11/2/12 (Buyers)

Jeff, a WaLaw client and happy first-time homebuyer I’ll recommend Craig to any friends who are buying a home.  Craig’s professionalism helped my transaction proceed smoothly and without any delays.”  Jeff, Woodinville – 8/27/12 (Buyer) – Seen here in the backyard of his new house we helped him to purchase.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done to make this deal happen. You have been the cool-headed, trusted advisor we needed during a very stressful time in our life! We appreciate your patience, creativity and sound wisdom as we navigated the waters of this house sale!” – Charles & Jung, Bothell 9/17/12 (Sellers)

“Thanks so much for your help in buying my new house. With the help of WaLaw, the process was incredibly easy.  Craig and Marc are realtors AND lawyers, so WaLaw Realty provides realtor expertise and Blackmon Homes provides legal representation – for roughly a third the cost of a regular realtor. This is truly a bargain   This house will probably be the biggest purchase I ever make.  Therefore, I felt it was particularly important to have an attorney review all the contracts and documents that I signed.  I would reccomend WaLaw Realty to anyone interested in getting good service and a great price!”Joe, Seattle – 9/14/12 (Buyer)

“Marc, thank you so much for working with us tirelessly throughout the process. We really appreciate your time and patience dealing with us and the sellers, as well as educating us and providing us with great insights. We’d highly recommend you to anyone who’s looking to buy a home.”  Tony & Oona, Bellevue – 8/30/12 (Buyers)

We had a wonderful experience with WaLaw and are especially grateful we had Marc to guide and reassure us during this particular purchase given how things played out! I’m not sure I would have willing to see this through without Marc’s involvement.” John & Ann, Seattle – 8/16/12 (Buyers)

We were 100% satisfied with WaLaw and felt we received great advice throughout the process. I admit I had some apprehension signing on to this process, as opposed to using a traditional agent, but it all worked out great, and we saved nearly $11k.”  Marc & Hayley, Olympia – 8/14/12 (Buyers)

“We recently purchased our home with the help of Craig Blackmon of WaLaw Realty. Craig is the face of the company and an extraordinary professional. We felt very fortunate to have him on our side in this real estate transaction. We were also very impressed with WaLaw’s innovative business model. It provides a winning combination of real estate and legal expertise, and a significant rebate which is no doubt the best in the area. WaLaw provides the best deal possible for its clients.”  Lev & Tatyana, Bellevue – 8/10/12 (Buyers)

“I would highly recommend WaLaw to others, and in fact, a family member I recommended WaLaw to has already sold their home using your services.  I would also say that anyone buying or selling a property, which is typically the largest financial transaction the average homeowner will experience, is remiss in not hiring a Real Estate Attorney to represent their side of the transaction.  The great thing about WaLaw, is that you get both a Real Estate Attorney and a Real Estate Broker in one.  The WaLaw model is how the Real Estate industry should work and I hope it becomes the standard in the future. I found WaLaw and Marc embodied the following principles: excellence, integrity, trust and value. There is not much more one could ask for in a Real Estate transaction.”   Rob, Kirkland – 8/1/12 (Seller) 

 “Marc recently helped me with purchasing a new home. Working with an attorney was a vastly different experience to the real estate agents I have worked with in the past. Marc provided valuable insight and guidance through every step in the process. The advice Marc provided was always astute and based on sound legal reasoning. The substantial rebate Marc provides enabled us to more than cover our closing costs and makes his unique service an incredible value” – Darren & Amanda, Seattle – 8/1/12 (Buyer)

We deeply appreciate your constant attention, thoughtful advice, and perseverence through all the ups and downs.  Thank you for helping us get into this wonderful home.” Dave & Patti, Sammamish – 7/31/12 (Buyer)

“Thanks so much for all your help, amazing expertise and excellent attention to detail! My house sold in less than 5 days and over asking! Marc Holmes was invaluable advising me through a complicated real estate transaction. Thanks for the advice and incredible professionalism!” Cassie, Seattle – 7/26/12 (Seller)

“Craig provided a great fee arrangement and gave us great service. He was proactive, told us what we needed to do and know, and we know we could not have completed our transaction without him. We really are very fortunate to have found him.”  Ward & Saltinat, Maple Valley – 6/25/12 (Buyer)

“[Marc] and Claire were great to work with.  We are really happy with the new house and feel really good about it.  We really appreciate your help, and the care and attention we got from you throughout the whole process.  Your service was great (and worth a lot more than we paid in our opinion.)  We’ve been so happy about it that we’ve been bragging about you, and we’ll certainly be recommending you to others. ” Mike & Evadna, Duvall – 6/11/12 (Buyer)

Our experience working with you has been, quite frankly, fantastic.  As I run across people looking to buy/sell I’ll try to send them your way.”  Gautam & Tami, Seattle – 3/22/12 (Seller AND prior WaLaw buyer!) 

“Thanks for all your help.  I can’t imagine having to have gone through this without you.  Big thanks to you for all your legal advice throughout, huge relief to have your partnership and guidance within the transaction.”  Kelly & Dave, Bainbridge Island – 2/9/12 (Seller)

I felt confident buying with the help of Craig.  He understood the process, answered all of my (many) questions, and was clearly looking out for my best interests.  I would recommend WALAW to anyone buying or selling a home.” Liz, Seattle – 12/31/11 (Buyer)

“In my opinion, your service alone was far superior to a conventional, ‘full service’ RE agent and your services would be worth the full commission, let alone at discount.” Curt, Bothell – 12/19/11 (Buyer)

“Thank you so much for helping us with the home purchase.  It was great meeting you and we will be definitely recommending your brokerage and legal services!”  Colin & Kathy, Kirkland – 12/8/11 (Buyer)

“For me, it was especially reassuring to be able to work with an objective agent who was able to guide us to an outcome in our best interests, and we definitely learned a lot as first-time buyers.  I would definitely recommend the WaLaw experience.”  Chris, Bellevue – 11/18/11 (Buyer)

“I always felt like they had my best interest in mind when they spoke.  I had the pleasure of working with both of them and their responsiveness was great. ” James, Seattle – 8/5/11 (Buyer)

“Hey guys – thanks for all your help; I’ll yelp a good review for WaLaw when I have time and, probably more importantly, give you two thumbs up to my coworkers here at [Unnamed Kick Ass software company in Bellevue]. T.B., Seattle – 7/25/11 (Buyer)

“Craig stayed on top of every detail, giving me valuable advice every step along the way and working very hard to get me the best possible deal.” – Lorenzo, Seattle – 6/30/11 (Buyer)

“I (along with every client of yours I’ve assisted) appreciate your thoroughness.” – Local Seattle Escrow Agent – 2011 “I’ve worked with Marc and Craig on two different occasions, and both times I’ve had great experiences. . . . Of course, the commission rebate at closing only sweetens the deal!” – Josh, Seattle – 4/1/11 (Buyer)

“WALAW made a very positive impression on us… Without a doubt, we will recommend them to anyone!”  Tom & Susan, Kirkland – 2011 (Buyers)

“Simply great… Ihighly recommend WaLaw, especially if you already know what you want and how you want it.” Oscar, Seattle -10/6/10  (Buyer)

“We especially appreciated the last minute efforts and changes to make sure our house closed on time, and feeling represented — not pressured. “ Dana & Eric, Seattle – 5/28/10 (Buyers)

“If you are planning on buying or selling a home, I highly recommend using Craig Blackmon.” Dan & Karen, Puyallup – 5/20/10 (Buyers)

“We felt extremely secure with our purchase as Marc demonstrated throughout negotiations that he only has our best interests in mind, which may not have been the case had we dealt with a regular real estate agent.” Alex & Amy, Seattle – 5/10/10 (Buyers)

“WaLaw Realty offers a great combination of legal advice and real estate services at a very reasonable price.” Bertus & Karlien, Redmond – 5/5/10 (Buyers)

“Marc is exactly the partner you want on your side when negotiating a deal. He is far, far more aligned, sophisticated, strategic and thorough than any real estate agent I’ve ever worked with.” Tim & Patricia, Seattle – 3/5/10 (Buyers)

“There was not a single downside to buying our home through WaLaw/Blackmon Holmes and the upsides were many, not the least of which was all the money used to our benefit at closing, instead of going to a real estate agent. “ Matt, Seattle – 4/14/10 (Buyer)

“You were a great help through the whole process and I am really happy with how smoothly it went. I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends and colleagues.” Ashutosh & Deepa, Redmond – 4/18/10 (Buyers)

“Your service and consultation were awesome, and I will highly recommend you to anyone that will listen. “ Tim, Seattle – 2010 (Buyer)

“This is one of the biggest purchases an individual will make in their lifetime and WALaw Realty can help make sure it is done right.” Michael, Seattle – 3/12/10 (Buyer)

“It was comforting to have someone looking out for our best interests the entire time, unlike our experiences beforehand with a standard real estate agent. We will definitely recommend WaLaw Realty and Blackmon Holmes Law Firm to anyone buying a home.” Hosea and Yashica, Seattle – 3/9/10 (Buyers)

“We really felt like we received the services we paid for, in fact even a little more. That is a rare feeling since almost everyone else we worked with during the process didn’t seem to have our best interests in mind, like you did.” Judah and Marian, Kenmore – 3/4/10 (Buyers)

“Thank you so much for all of your efforts on this transaction. We’ve already started passing out your phone number!” Mark & Julie, Seattle – 2009 (Buyers)

“Every time you caught a mistake, protected our interests, or provided honest advice, it reinforced my opinion that we made the right decision when we hired a real estate attorney instead of a realtor.” Mark & Maitreya, Seattle – 2009 (Buyers)

“You without a doubt exceeded our expectations… Your knowledge in real estate law helped us negotiate a stronger contract, something a real estate agent would not have been able to do.”   Lacie & Aaron, Bellevue – 2009 (Buyers)

“[Marc’s] counsel, guidance and knowledge was invaluable and gave us the confidence we needed in completing the sale of our home without unexpected legal complications.” Rebecca & Robert, Kirkland – 2009 (Sellers)

“Thank you so much for your work on our behalf in selling our house… It really was a pleasure working with you.” Jane & Les, Bellingham – 2009 (Sellers)

“Marc was punctual, thorough, and did not leave a single stone unturned… I have no doubt this transaction would not have occurred without his help.” Amrit, Seattle – 2009 (Buyer)

“Marc and Craig’s for sale by owner legal services far exceeded my expectations.  They proved knowledgeable, friendly, and professional throughout the entire process.”   Kim, Seattle – 2009 (Seller)

“Looking back on our home purchase, I wouldn’t change a thing. If I am ever in the market again, the first call I make will be to WaLaw Realty and the Law Office of Craig Blackmon.” Albert & Miwa, Seattle – 2009 (Buyers)

“Thank you very much for your great work.” Chuck & Sonia, Kenmore – 2009 (Buyers)

“Like most people, I have a proclivity to distrust attorneys, but Marc was money.  You guys rock.” Jordan & Jamie, Everett – 2009 (Sellers)

“Thank you for your good and timely counsel. It was money well spent for peace of mind in a transcontinental transaction.” Jon, Shelborne Falls, Massachusetts – 2009 (Sellers)

“As a risk averse first-time home buyer I could not have hoped for better counsel and professionalism. Highly recommended!Jeff, Seattle – 2009 (Buyer)

” I appreciated your quick responses, expert advice, and ability to focus on the important issues.” Ken, Seattle – 2009 (Buyer)

“It was very comforting and encouraging to have entered into a business relationship that really was more like a partner relationship.  The bottom line is that I believe that we received great value from our enlisting your services.” Steve, Bremerton -2009 (Seller)