The WaLaw Team

Marc Holmes

Marc is the founder and designated broker of WaLaw Realty.

My wife, Kim, kids, Spencer & Delaney, and a small family of raccoons, live in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. It’s our own little Mayberry and we love it.  I was born and raised in Oklahoma and started my first business at the age of 10 diving for golf balls in ponds on a public course. We sold ’em for a quarter a piece and made good money doing it.

I came to Seattle in 1992 to attend the University of Washington and graduated four years later with a B.A. in Economics and a healthy appreciation of all things Seattle: grunge, flannel, coffee, and microbrews. My first job out of college was as a beer rep for one of Seattle’s fine microbreweries, the Pyramid Brewery just across from what is now Safeco Field. It was a dream job for a 22-year-old guy: expense account, tickets to every sporting event, and all the beer my friends and I could drink.  That job led to a promotion and move to Texas and ultimately a career in sales, land/home development, and mortgage lending.

Ultimately, I was looking for something different and returned to Seattle to obtain my law degree.  I graduated with honors from Seattle University School of Law in 2006.  I joined a small law firm shortly after graduation and became a partner in January 2009. I’ve handled hundreds of residential transactions, drafted countless legal documents affecting real estate, and litigated real estate disputes and had a blast along the way.


Kim Holmes

Kim is an attorney and licensed broker.

Kim is the latest addition to the team.  Prior to joining us Kim’s law practice was focused on medical malpractice defense.  She’s extremely passionate about real estate and after years of watching HGTV and all the fun Marc was having she decided to join the WaLaw team.  Kim is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City University School of Law.  She’s also passed bar exams in three states, so she’s pretty smart.



Claire Wilburn

Claire is a licensed broker and the office manager for WaLaw Realty and Holmes Law Group.

As native Seattleite, I enjoy all things Pacific Northwest. Camping in the rain, the Nordstrom half-yearly sale, and of course…our real estate. I have spent the past twelve years involved in the local markets, including 2 pre-bubble years in residential and 5 recovery years in commercial real estate. Actively involved in my little Ballard community, I never lost my passion for watching our communities grow, evolve and revitalize through business and real estate. After spending an hour a day searching new listings and keeping track of sales, I realized that WaLaw Realty is where I belong. As a real estate professional, homeowner, renter and landlord, I can relate to all phases of your transaction. Combining my knowledge of Seattle, love of real estate, and analytical brain for the legal aspects, I am thrilled to be here at WaLaw Realty and eager to help you!