WaLaw Realty passes $4 Million in commission rebates to clients

Yeah, that’s right. Four million dollars, back in YOUR pockets! Do you like those year end lists? Here are a few more WaLaw facts from 2014:

We’ve rebated this recent million (from $3M in 5/2014 to $4M in 2/2015) in a record 9 months!

Our total average rebate is also up: $16,075 up from $14,482 in 2014.

37% of our clients came from referrals, or were previous clients of WaLaw.

2014 largest buyers rebate: $34,355. Find out more about our buyers services and see them all here.

2014 largest seller savings: $27,600. Find out more about our selling services and see recent closings here.

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Claire WilburnClaire Wilburn is the office manager for WaLaw Realty and one of our agents. As a real estate professional, homeowner, and general lover of all things real estate, she is always on the hunt for useful insight and information.

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