WaLaw + Redfin = $18,470 in Home Buyer Savings for Consumers

What savings look like

We’re pretty big fans of Redfin here at WaLaw.  They’re helping to change the way the real estate industry operates, for the better.  One of their big advantages is, like WaLaw, a fee lower than what is charged by a typical agent.  So when a Redfin seller sells to a WaLaw buyer, everyone saves a lot of money.  How much money?
On this transaction, total consumer savings (what our client saved, plus what the Redfin client saved) is $18,450.  That money would have been paid to the real estate agents if our respective clients had not hired us and Redfin.  Instead, thanks to WaLaw and Redfin, that money went back to the clients.  WaLaw + Redfin = Huge Consumer Benefit!

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