WaLaw Buyer’s Agent Commission Rebate: 81% More than Redfin Rebate on $500,000 Home

It’s official, WaLaw Realty is 81% better than Redfin.

Did anyone else notice that Redfin has recently brought a new pricing structure to Seattle?

They now rebate between 15% to 50%, with more expensive homes getting a larger percentage.  What that means to you: On a $500k house with a 3% commission, the rebate is $5,364, compared to our $9,739.  Our rebate is 81% larger than theirs.  

It seems like Redfin is making it even easier for you to make the smart choice by using WaLaw Realty.


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Claire WilburnClaire Wilburn is the office manager for WaLaw Realty and one of our agents. As a real estate professional, homeowner, and general lover of all things real estate, she is always on the hunt for useful insight and information.

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