WaLaw is HIRING!

The Spring Buying Season has apparently sprung, which means we’ve got lots of new business.  Hooray!  But that means we’ve got a lot of work on our hands.  And since we keep the old adage “work to live, not live to work” in mind (it can be tough sometimes!) we could use an extra pair of helping hands.  And a SUPRA key and a driver’s license.  So if you or anyone you know is interested in being a part of the WaLaw revolution (Viva!) shoot me or Marc an email.  We’re looking for a licensed real estate agent who loves working with clients and who wants the assurances of an hourly position.  That’s right, no more “farming” so you can focus on your real job, helping our clients buy or sell a home.  We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested.  [First aptitude test: find my email address! 😉 ]

Posted by Marc

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