How can WaLaw Realty Offer Such a Low Real Estate Agent Fee?

Walaw Realty Charges a Low Flat-Rate Fee to Home Buyers and Sellers: Simply Put, It’s a New Way to Buy or Sell a Home

One of the great benefits of using WaLaw to buy or sell a house in the Seattle area is that you’ll likely save money when compared to a traditional real estate agent.  How much money?  That depends on the price of your purchase or sale.  A typical agent earns a 3% commission upon closing, while WaLaw charges a flat fee ($7995 for deals less than $1 million).  To figure out how much you’ll save by using WaLaw, you need to estimate the price of your purchase or sale.  If you’re looking at a $500,000 transaction, then you’ll save about $7000. In other words, for a $500,000 sale, WaLaw’s fee is nearly 54% LESS than the fee paid to a traditional agent.

As a result, many people ask us, “How the heck can WaLaw charge such a low fee?”  Well, a couple of reasons.  First, we’re efficient and offer only the essential services needed by today’s savvy buyers and sellers. In other words, we don’t “find” the house for our buyer clients because most buyers find their own homes already.  For our sellers, we won’t show the home to an unrepresented buyer, but nearly 90% of buyers have an agent who can show the home.

Second, and even more importantly, typical real estate agents only get paid when a transaction closes. Because of that, their fees must be higher so that the closed transactions cover their time invested in those that don’t close. At WaLaw, we charge everyone the same reasonable fee that is not dependent on closing. By giving everyone the same service for one price, we are able to keep fees reasonable and much lower than what is charged by a typical agent for services through closing.

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