James, Seattle 7-29-11 (Purchase of Property)

“If you know that you are going to buy a house (and this is admittedly a big if) WaLaw is a great option.  From my experience it wasn’t just a great option, it was the best one.  The best reason to use them is the financial one.  Using WaLaw you will end up paying much less money than if you used a traditional agent or even other alternative agents that I have looked at (eg Redfin).  I don’t know about you, but I am a big fan of paying less money. 

If we ignore the financial argument (which would be stupid, but let’s make believe for just a second) there is still a strong case to be made for using WaLaw.  I have worked with traditional agents in the past and invariably I get a bit of the used car salesman vibe from them.  They are trying to sell you something, no matter how much they hide it.  They simply cannot be impartial, it is not possible.  This isn’t a flaw in the agent; it’s a flaw in the system.  Marc and Craig are not motivated by making a sale; they get paid either way (which is why you had better be sure you want to buy) and that shows in your interactions with them.  I always felt like they had my best interest in mind when they spoke.  I had the pleasure of working with both of them and their responsiveness was great. ” James, Seattle (Buyer)

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