WaLaw Homebuyer Seminars a Screaming Success! We’re Already Planning for 2012

We recently finished up our 2011 Free Homebuyer Seminar Series, and it was a raging success!  What did we learn?

  1. Pizza and beer trumps cookies and soda by a very wide margin; and
  2. If we offer pizza and beer, apparently people will come to us (at our office) and we don’t need to go to them (at libraries/community centers around the area).

So to summarize, Pizza and Beer ROCK!  You’d think I would have learned that lesson in college.

Given the success, we’re already thinking about our 2012 series.  We will, of course, keep you posted as the schedule comes together late this year or early next.

Thank you to EVERYONE who took the time to attend our classes.  And for those of you who missed out — you also missed out on some cool WaLaw swag (in addition to the cookies/soda/pizza/beer).  I hope you’ve all learned your lessons and you make it to one of classes in 2012….

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